Lambie opposes sale of Australia’s Biggest Dairy Company (VDL) in the National Interest

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has supported fellow crossbench senators and has used YouTube to call on Treasurer Scott Morrison to use his legislative powers and immediately stop, in the national interest, the sale to foreign investors of Van Diemens Land (VDL) Company.

“Regardless of what the recommendations of a flawed Foreign Investment Review Board process are, which I’ve spoken about in parliament - it’s clear to ordinary Tasmanians that the sale of Australia’s biggest dairy company to Chinese investors is not in the state or national interest,” Senator Lambie said.

“Treasurer Morrison should listen to the people and use his legislative powers to put a stop to this sale immediately. One of my Network’s core policies is to always protect Australian food security – and allowing this iconic Tasmanian Dairy company to be 100% controlled by foreign interests is not protecting Australian food security for future generations.

``There are plenty of countries in the world, including China, which proudly protect their Prime Agricultural land – and limit the sale of vital food producing infrastructure to foreigners.

``If this situation was reversed  - and an Australian Company was trying to buy a 100% controlling interest in a major Chinese food producing enterprise – it would not be allowed by the Communist authorities, in the name of their national interest.

``So on behalf of the Australian people, it is time to ask why is our Government scared to protect our national interest, while the Chinese Government is fearless when it comes to protecting their people’s national interest?

``When it comes to foreign investment – particularly from non-democratic countries, Australia must ask more questions and enforce better standards – especially when ownership and control of our prime agricultural land is at risk.