Lambie joins Salmon workers in fight against Green Propaganda

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui has expressed disgust at the lengths the Greens will go to, to destroy jobs in Tasmania, after hearing they were attempting to trash the reputation of Tasmania’s salmon industry.

The AWU’s Daniel Walton and Tassal’s Ben Wood met with Senator Lambie at Parliament House last week to discuss the Tasmanian salmon industry.

“The Tassie salmon industry has been rated number one in the world, and it has been for the last number of years. So the rest of the world looks to Tassie for guidance in terms of best practice, environmental standards, and using the best scientists in the world to make sure the industry remains number one,” Daniel Walton said.

“There are about 1500 direct jobs and about 5000 indirect jobs that rely on Tassie salmon for their job every day of the week.

“The Greens are just trying to kill off jobs. We have a sustainable industry, we’ve got a regulator in place who manages all the science and manages the environment to make sure that it’s a safe and clean product going forward,” Daniel Walton said.

Daniel Walton went on to explain to Senator Lambie that the Greens were damaging the brand, and damaging the brand damages jobs.

“If the Greens continue to go after our salmon industry, then they are going to wipe it out – I will not let that happen again,” Senator Lambie said.

“The Greens’ propaganda is very familiar. They have already destroyed Tasmania’s Forestry industry, and tried to do the same for the mining industry.

“It seems these people who are trying to shut down our salmon industry, just do not want development in Tasmania at all,” Senator Lambie said.