Lambie gives voice to another Victim of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in the Senate

Last night Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie in a speech to the Senate, told the story of another former member of the ADF, Danielle Khan who was a victim of DVA incompetence and wrongly slapped with a bill of $182,000.

Senator Lambie read Danielle Khan’s letter to the Senate, which stated that:

“As I full well know of the 6 veterans I spent time with in new farm hospital with in 2005, I am the only one still alive. All where clients of Mr. Patterson and all ended their lives for the same reason "DVA utter incompetence".

“Danielle Khan and her family for the last 16 years, have been literally put though hell by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The DVA have created a $16,000 legal bill for Danielle - because of the legal fight she was forced into by government dysfunction and incompetence,” Senator Lambie said.

Senator Lambie told the Senate last night:

“I will say this: it is now Christmas time coming up, and this girl has a $16,000 bill over her head, which is not her fault. It is a simple procedure: give her the $16,000 so she can pay out her lawyer.

This is maladministration because of veterans' affairs. I have begged the veterans' affairs minister to fix this up. For goodness sake, before we lose another life—please. Please ask your Minister for Veterans' Affairs to fix it. Enough!”