Lambie challenges QLD Politicians to match $500 donation to sacked QNI workers food bank

During an ANZAC visit, Tasmanian JLN independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has met sacked QNI workers in Townsville, at their food bank and donated a $500 IGA food voucher.

Click below to view 30sec YouTube - Donation to sacked QNI worker's food bank:

"Like most Australian's - I didn't properly understand the level of financial, social and metal hardship that the sacked QNI workers were forced to endure.  It shocked me to find out that while waiting for their entitlements many sacked workers found it difficult to put food on the table for their families," said Senator Lambie.

"I've donated a $500 IGA gift voucher to the former QNI workers' food bank which was set up by sacked worker Jo Collocott and his friends - and I call on every federal and state politician in QLD to match my donation.  The former workers still face hardship for the next month or so - until their lawful entitlements are paid," said Senator Lambie.

"The workers have told me how Pastor and Community Support Worker, Michael Stainbrook helped them from the very beginning of the crisis - and deserves to be publically recognised and congratulated for the great work he and his team carried out.  If there is any food left over after the worker's entitlements are eventually paid - then it will be distributed by Pastor Michael to the needy," said Senator Lambie.