Lambie calls on Tasmanian and Federal Governments to listen to business community and find a solution for Natural Gas Price Crisis

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has made a speech in parliament last night - which calls on the Tasmanian Liberal government and the Liberal federal government to find a solution to a looming natural gas price crisis.

``Last night I alerted the Parliament to a conversation my office recently had with Mr Wayne Bould – one of Tasmania’s most respected business people – who warned that increases of up to 40% for the price for our Natural Gas prices could occur for all commercial users  - once the contract for the Bell Bay power station run out with Pallasides in late 2017.” said Senator Lambie.

“I’m very concerned about Mr Bould’s warnings. Tasmanian business, pensioners and families can’t afford to pay extra for the gas. We must find a solution for this crisis. I told Parliament that :

Mr Bould strongly suggests that the best way to avoid this gas price crisis is for the Federal Government to put some money – approximately $40M into a joint fund with the Tasmanian State government with a view to purchase our gas pipeline.

That way the government takes control of a situation and can guarantee the delivery of competitively priced gas to all Tasmanians for the foreseeable future.

Unlike the majority of politicians in this Parliament who’s focus is on clean energy at any cost  – Mr. Bould and Tasmanian captains of industry understand that in order for Tasmania – indeed Australia - to thrive, prosper and protect workers when competing on unfair overseas markets – we must deliver and guarantee cheap energy to our communities.

When compared to our overseas competitors in America, our industries are paying approximately 3 times the cost for energy.

That means for our businesses to compete they must cut wages and conditions of Australian workers or just go broke… and we don’t want either so we must guarantee our business cheaper energy.” said Senator Lambie.