Lambie calls on all Canning Candidates to cough up on Defence Policies

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has called on all the candidates in WA’s Canning by-election to come clean on their defence polices and indicate whether they support her network’s defence policies which:

  1. Links defence personnel pay rises to that of politicians or CPI which ever was higher and
  1. Guarantees all ADF members who have served in war or war-like conditions, the automatic grant of a Health Gold Card upon discharge.
The Senator’s call comes after Liberal members of the Senate once again - after praising Senator Lambie during this week’s Matter of Public Importance debate on defence pay –

…  indicated that they would not even support a debate for her private members Defence Fair Pay Bill - which still languishes in the lower house.

“Given today’s strong comments on defence made by one of the candidates, I think it’s time that the people of Canning, who truly care about our ADF members’ welfare – knew exactly what they were voting for.” said Senator Lambie.

“The facts are clear. There’s a bill, which guarantee’s fair pay for our Diggers  - and it’s languishing in our Parliament’s lower house. The Liberal Government has been caught out blocking debate for my bill.

As we’ve seen in the Senate debate this week, the Liberals and Nationals are running scared and are trying to cover up the fact they have betrayed our Defence force members with a lousy pay deal.” Senator Lambie.

“Which Canning candidate will argue that my Private Members Bill should not be debated and passed – and that our Diggers who have served in war or war-like zones – don’t deserve the automatic grant of a Health Gold Card as soon as they discharge from the military?” said Senator Lambie.