Lambie calls for a ban on Sharia Preachers, the Death Penalty for Islamic Terrorists and Treason Charges for Terrorist Supporters

Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie during the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015 debate - called for a ban on Sharia Law and for Juries to have the option of applying the death penalty to terrorists who kill innocents and then survive their attacks.

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Senator Lambie told the Senate:

“Support by people living in Australia, for the Terrorists’ Law should be treated as clear evidence of treasonous or seditious activity and those people should be charged with sedition or treason.

``And if Australians are found guilty of sedition or treason, they should face between seven years and life in jail. Islamic preachers in Australia who advocate for Sharia Law in Australia must be immediately banned and once again charged with sedition and treason.

``Terrorists who kill in their attacks on Australian soil – and then survive, and are brought before our courts - should be subjected to the death penalty, if an Australian jury decides. That is the best way of delivering justice.

``Imagine if Man Horon Monis had survived the Sydney Lindt Café attack. Should an Australian jury have had the option of sentencing the traitor and murderer to death? Absolutely!” Senator Lambie said.

“For I believe that this government can do more legislatively to take the fight to our Islamic state enemies, but has taken the easier path of fiddling with our citizenship laws, instead of going straight to the heart of the matter.

``At a time where we find ourselves under attack from within and without, and charging Australian citizens who help our enemy in “any way whatever” using laws that are designed for these very circumstances – of course I’m talking about sedition and treason laws.”

``I call on all Australian Islamic leaders and leaders of other religions to condemn those who do support Sharia Law.

``And if they don’t condemn Sharia law, then at the very least they should not be allowed to preach hate on Fridays to impressionable young minds.

``The Federal Police and Federal Attorney should use long-standing, existing laws, and charge those citizens who support in any way whatsoever, the imposition of Sharia or the Terrorists’ law, in Australia, with treason or sedition,’’ Senator Lambie said.