Lambie answers questions from an Australian Journalist about the ABC’s Q&A

JLN Independent Senator Elect for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, after recent questions by a journalist from The Australian regarding the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar on ABC’s Q&A last Monday, has made the following statement:

“Like many Australians I watched the ABC’s Q&A last Monday and enjoyed the show. I’m disappointed to learn that the featured Muslim man, Khaled Elomar, who queried Pauline Hanson, has  also resorted to publishing personal insults about me.

"In relation to his questions – I think it’s valuable to note that Pauline handled them well and contributed to an important public debate about Islam, radicalization and terrorism. The only disappointment I have is that Mr Elomar and others (including Sam Dastyari) were not questioned about their attitude toward Sharia Law.

"Do they support Sharia law or not? This is the key question I want answered because every terrorist who has attacked the west has supported the imposition of Sharia Law. Mr Elomar’s and Sam’s response to this key question would have better informed all Australians. I’m convinced that Sam is firmly opposed to Sharia Law – because his family was fleeing a country where religious extremists were imposing Sharia Law and all its brutal penalties on innocent people.

"If Sam stayed in Iran and chose to be an atheist – then under Sharia Law he would have been immediately, killed by his government. However I have the feeling that Mr Elomar is a supporter of Sharia Law and that support, more than his personal insults - concerns me the most.

"I believe you can be a good Muslim without supporting the death penalty for gay people or women who are found guilty of having sex outside marriage - or the cutting off of hands if you are found guilty of stealing.

"It’s clear that Sharia law is the law of the Islamic terrorists and extremists who want to impose it by force on the world. And support for it means that you support the views of Islamic terrorists and extremists - and are more susceptible to quick radicalisation.

"Support for Sharia law – apart from proving you are the terrorist’s best friend - also shows you have no appreciation for how Australian democracy works, the separation of powers and cost in blood previous generations have paid - so that women, minority groups and workers can live peacefully under Australian law and enjoy equality, basic civil rights and freedoms.

"The debate on the threat from terrorists and radical Islam needs to focus on values and culture instead of name-calling. Sharia Law support, self evidently shows you are anti-democratic, anti-women’s rights, homophobic, dangerously intolerant and brutal. Sharia Law support shows you also believe in the death penalty and mutilation for minor crimes – especially for people who stand up to radical religious leaders - and tell them and their sick beliefs, to piss off.

"After WW2 Australia screened, then welcomed people from Europe who rejected fascism– so too can Australia today screen and welcome people from all over the world who reject Sharia law - and believe in democracy, western civil rights and freedoms. However, if you support the Terrorist law – you cannot be welcomed here, for our own safety.

"Some may be insulted that I’ve compared the conflict today between us and the Islamic terrorists to our conflict with fascism in the 1940’s – but when the facts are properly considered (Saudi v Iran / Sunni v Shia) Islam is in a world-wide conflict today, with not only western peoples – but also itself. The Islamists’ end goal – like fascism is to concentrate political and religious power into one entity (see Iran) and destroy all democratic institutions and have no separation of powers.

"That’s why a national discussion & debate on Sharia Law is so important – because Sharia Law defines and explains the values and culture of the Islamic extremists who pose a grave threat to our peace and safety," said Senator Lambie.