Lambie agrees with Twiggy Forrest's Healthy Welfare Key Card trial - and wants it rolled out in Tasmanian

Following a trip to Ceduna, South Australia, Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has voted for a healthy welfare key card trial in the community, with the hope of success so it can be implemented in Tasmania.

``I had, and still have reservations about the manner in which this trial is to be conducted, as the Ceduna community felt they hadn’t been consulted with,’’ Senator Lambie said.

``However, our kids are needlessly suffering, because too much of our welfare money is being spent on illicit drugs and alcohol. Our mums and dads with diminished capacity through addictions and mental health disabilities are needlessly suffering because too much of our welfare money is being spent on illicit drugs and alcohol.

Once the teething problems with this new card and its technology are sorted out, I would like a healthy welfare key card rolled out across the whole of Tasmania. Not only will it save lives, but it will save taxpayers’ dollars in the long run as every dollar spent on early intervention saves $7, according to JLN candidate Rob Waterman. This card is only one step to addressing Tasmania’s crippling social disadvantage.” Senator Lambie said.

“Some other solutions I have put forward to help combat disadvantage includes:

  • Supporting an involuntary detox and rehabilitation act to treat drug-addicted children.
  • Supporting voluntary national service for our young people, which will allow them to participate in traineeships and apprenticeships.
  • Creating Special Economic Zones where high unemployment rates are endemic and cut payroll tax.
  • Guarantee Australia’s fuel, gas and power are cheaper than our major trading partners’ to give our manufacturers, small businesses and farmers a chance to compete.
The purpose of the trial is to test if cashless welfare arrangements will reduce habitual abuse and associated harm resulting from alcohol, gambling and illegal drugs.” said Senator Lambie.