Labor should preference JLN and other independents over Greens, in a principled stand against Senate Voting Changes: Lambie

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on Labor Leader Bill Shorten to commit his party to preferencing minor parties over the Greens in the Senate after the Greens did a rushed backroom deal with the Liberals to wipe out independents.

“ In the last 24 hours, I’ve listened carefully to the feedback from Tasmanians and the debate in the Senate about these rushed voting changes.  It’s become obvious to me that the Liberals and Greens in doing this deal have underestimated the intelligence and anger of the Australian people,” said Senator Lambie.

“Because of the contrived, last minute rush to ram changes through the Parliament, many people view the actions of the Greens and Liberals as too tricky.  The people who have contacted my office from all over Australian broadly believe that this is a sneaky attempt by the Greens and Liberals to steal a double D election - and the voting preferences of the 25% of Australians who don’t vote for a major political party and vote independent.”

I agree with Senator Conroy who says the changes will disenfranchise 3 million people and insists it is a sign the Government is moving to call a double dissolution election for July.  The government have deliberately set up their ABBC legislation for failure, which will then provide them with a 2nd double D trigger.  There’s no genuine will by the Liberals to negotiate on the ABCC legislation,” said Senator Lambie.

“I also congratulate the Labor Party and Senator Conroy for calling out the Greens on ABC radio by saying that, They've sacrificed all principle and all policy here to ensure that they get ten bums on the seats

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So that’s why I believe that Labor must not reward the Greens bad and unprincipled behavior on this important matter - by giving the Greens voting preferences.  I invite Labor to take a principled stand on this matter and suggest to their supporters they share their 2nd voting preferences with the JLN candidates in Tasmania instead of their traditional support of the Greens,” said Senator Lambie.

“Even the Victorian Liberal President says that their own polling shows that between 22% and 24% of Tasmanians would vote for the JLN in the Senate.  And that we have a show of picking up “2 or 3” Senators in a double D election,” said Senator Lambie.

Watch Victorian Liberal President predict a 2 or 3 seat senate win for JLN:

“Labor preferences to the JLN in this tight race may be enough to make the Liberals and Greens to think twice – and ensure that they are not rewarded for this thuggish political behavior.

This strong positive political action on Labor’s behalf will show the Greens that there will be adverse consequences for trying in one week - on the eve of a double D election, to ram into place a voting system that that excludes 25 per cent of the Australian public,” said Senator Lambie.