JLN running Defence Veterans in QLD, NSW and VIC, who won’t sell-out their mates


Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has challenged all former members of the ADF who are running for political office - to support JLN policies, which truly stand up for Veterans, serving members and their families.

“I’m very proud and excited to announce that the JLN has chosen 3 defence Veterans to lead our Senate teams in QLD, NSW and VIC".

Marcus Saltmarsh – JLN No1 Senate Candidate QLD

Allan Thomas – JLN No 1 Senate Candidate - NSW

Hugh Dolan – JLN No1 Senate Candidate – Victoria

“These men, like other defence veterans who are running for political office – have given Australia courageous, unselfish and distinguished service,” said Senator Lambie.

However, there is a major difference between the JLN candidates and other political parties’ veteran candidates. The JLN senate candidates will truly stand up for our Veterans, serving ADF members and their families by supporting:

  • Automatic grant of a Health Gold Card to all ADF members who have served in war or war like conditions overseas.
  • Royal Commission into the Department of Veterans Affairs - whose arrogance, incompetence and dysfunction is contributing to a record number of Veterans’ suicides.
  • JLN Private Member’s bill, which was historically passed by the Senate and permanently links Digger’s pay rises to the CPI or Politicians pay rises – whichever is greater,” said Senator Lambie.
Defence Uniforms

“I don’t have a problem with political candidates using pictures of themselves in their defence uniforms during campaigns. They’ve earned the right. But I do have a problem when they toe the big political parties’ line - and refuse to support the JLN’s three important veteran and defence policies.

It shows that those former ADF members are prepared to become just another politician.

Their lack of public support for the JLN’s policies also shows that they are prepared to betray the values of their uniform (loyalty, honour and respect), sell out their fellow veterans and serving diggers - so that the candidates can establish a political career with a party - which clearly does not care about our Vets, Diggers and their families.” said Senator Lambie.

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