Jacqui refuses to be distracted by Liberal and Labor polling

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has vowed not to let internal Liberal and Labor polling results, which indicate a big increase in support for her newly formed political network, distract her.

“The disclosure on Sky TV last Thursday (9th of July), by Michael Kroger the President of the Victorian Liberals that their polling indicated I was on track to pick up “2 or 3” more senators in Tasmania has rattled my political opponents.

When Peter Beattie, a former Labor Premier and famous Labor party heavy weight also agreed last Thursday evening with Mr Kroger’s political assessment – that caused more political panic among those who’d like to see me fail.

As the next Federal election draws closer, my critics will become more desperate and throw more political mud in the hope that it sticks. I’m not going to play their game. I won’t be distracted.

I don’t have time to play the whinger’s game. There are too many poor Tasmanians and just average Australians hurting. I’m going to focus on the issues that matter.

My critics will whine, while I work as hard as I can to deliver a better deal for our pensioners, unemployed, veterans, sick, disabled, small businesses, diggers, workers, farmers and uni-students.” said Senator Lambie.

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