Jacqui Lambie welcomes Tasmanian Senate Candidate Rob Waterman to the JLN

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has revealed that Rob Waterman will be a Tasmanian Senate Candidate for the JLN.

“Rob is already doing a great job serving the people of our state as the CEO of Rural Health Tasmania. He has a passion to help people recover from and find solutions to family violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and mental illness.

He understands what some of the main issues and challenges that ordinary Tasmanians are facing – and importantly Rob knows how crucial and cost effective it is, to put in place early intervention programs and solutions.” said Senator Lambie.

“Rob Waterman agrees with, and strongly supports JLN’s policy to introduce national laws, which give parents the right to involuntarily or non-consensually detox their children, should they become addicted to drugs like Ice.

Rob makes the very important point that 30 to 60% of Methamphetamine users end up non–consensually in jail, without the right to proper medical treatment. So isn’t it better to intervene early when our children still have a chance at life and they don’t have to go to jail – and then they still have a chance to get their lives on track?” said Senator Lambie.

“Rob's commonsense, life experience and compassion for those less well-off and doing it tough – will be a welcome addition to the JLN. We’ll look to Rob for valuable policy input for a range of preventative health programs. What Rob Waterman says is true. For every dollar we invest in preventative initiatives the government will save $7 down the track.” said Senator Lambie.