Jacqui Lambie Wanted To Be Wearing A Ball Gown And Holding A Gun In Her Archibald Prize Portrait

As the most revered portraiture competition in the country, the Archibald Prize always offers an intriguing insight into Australian culture. Since its inception in 1921, our most talented artists have submitted works that more often than not depict a person of great importance from the arts, sciences or the political arena.

 In this year’s exhibition, there will be two separate works of Jacqui Lambie. The first is a beautiful piece by Sydney artist Tania McMurty: an almost pop-styled portrait, it features the Senator in full khaki to denote her time in the military and is presented on a wood panel to represent her Tasmanian heritage. The second is just as apt: an almost ominous monochrome image of her draped in the Australian flag.

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