Jacqui Lambie announces new Tasmanian senate candidate Rob Waterman

The Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) has announced its first Tasmanian candidate, nominating rural health boss Rob Waterman to stand for the Senate.

Mr Waterman is the chief executive of Rural Health Tasmania, an organisation that provides healthcare to Tasmania's north and north-west.

He is the first Tasmanian candidate announced for the JLN.

Mr Waterman said he had not always wanted a career in politics but rather hoped to drive change.

"I'd just like to see a change with how we deal with a lot of these critical health issues with our society," he said.

"Things like substance abuse, mental illness, family violence, child abuse and neglect and homelessness; because a lot of these issues are preventable to varying degrees.

"The burden to health in Australia is a huge issue and we can really reduce that significantly if we prevent a lot of these things from occurring in the first place and we don't seem to do that very well.

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