Abbott Increases Defence Pay Offer

Tony Abbott has agreed to a more generous pay rise for Australian Defence Force personnel, but insists he's still running a frugal government. The prime minister says the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal will be asked to increase last year's 1.5 per cent pay rise to two per cent - slightly above inflation. The prime minister will hope the move - which will cost the government 200-million dollars over the next few years - will satisfy crossbench senator Jacqui Lambie. Senator Lambie has been among the most vocal critics of the coalition's original offer, vowing to vote against all government legislation until it's increased. Mr Abbott says the more generous pay rise reflects the ADF's special status and dangerous work in places like Iraq. The announcement comes just a day after Mr Abbott's confirmation of the deployment of about 300 extra troops to Iraq

Abbott Increases Defence Pay Offer

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Hack reporter Jo Lauder trekked out to Burnie to hang out with Jacqui for a day... including a trip to the hairdresser! Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie is a force to be reckoned with. After less than 8 months in Parliament, she's shocked, offended and impressed a lot of people.


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Jacqui Lambie talks about Tony Abbott's decision to knight Prince Philip and how it might cost Campbell Newman in the Queensland election

Chiefs and Pollies get huge pay rise as diggers take pay cut - Herald Sun

While salaries for the nation's top brass have more than doubled in the past decade and wages for politicians have jumped by 75%, pay rates for the troops hve grown by less than half.

Chiefs and pollies get huge pay rise as diggers take pay cut - - 12-12-14