Ex-PUPs back elusive loan scheme

A little-known government scheme that allows retirees to reverse mortgage their family home has received the backing of three independent senators.

Senators Jacqui Lambie, Glenn Lazarus and Nick Xenophon this morning called for the ‘Pension Loan Scheme’ to be broadened so that all retirees can access the scheme.


Crossbench senators, including Jacqui Lambie, seek secret union report

Crossbench senators are seeking access to a confidential volume of the report of the royal commission into union corruption.

Two volumes of the interim report of the royal commission headed by Justice Dyson Heydon were publicly released in December but one volume was kept secret because it deals with threats to witnesses. Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet officials on Tuesday confirmed the confidential report had been received, but would not say how many people had read it or how many agencies had access to it.


Jacqui Lambie calls for a referendum on same-sex marriage

``I believe in giving the power back to the people.''

``It's about time people were given the vote.''

Watch Jacqui Lambie on Sky News:


Jacqui Lambie blasts Liberal backbencher on constitutional recognition

"There is a lot of the Indigenous out there who want recognition and I think this a great way for white Australia to extend the olive branch," she told NITV News.

Her comments come in a week that has seen the debate about changing Australia's Constitution to positively acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples put back on the agenda.

Advocacy group Recognise, which receives millions of dollars in government funding to raise awareness about the issue, released research earlier this week that showed overwhelming public support for recognition.


Tom Gleeson asks Jacqui Lambie the hard questions on The Weekly

Jacqui Lambie says she doesnt want jihadist bastards back on home soil

Outspoken Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has sided with Prime Minister Tony Abbott over his stern warnings to Australian jihadists wishing to return home.

Mr Abbott has refused to consider clemency for around a dozen foreign fighters and medical workers who have defected from terror groups in the Middle East and want to come back to Australia.

The prime minister yesterday said those who returned would be prosecuted and jailed. http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/05/20/08/25/jacqui-lambie-says-she-doesnt-want-jihadist-bastards-back-on-home-soil

Senator Lambie supports the other crossbench senators in reserving part of the 33,000 gigawatt-hour target for solar & hydro only

The Advocate has misquoted Senator Lambie.

The article should read "Senator Lambie supports other crossbenches in their inclusion of wood waste into the RET scheme, but also wishes to reserve part of the 33,000 gigawatt-hour target for solar and hydro power only.

Crossbenchers are set to demand the government shut wind power out of a portion of Australia's renewable energy target".


Lambie backs Hard Yakka to fight ice crisis

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie believes Bob Davis' Hard Yakka is the only youth boot camp that can tackle the nation's addiction to the drug ice.

Speaking to the Fraser Coast Chronicle, Senator Lambie heaped praise on the former special forces instructor for his "90% success rate" rehabilitating troubled youth.


Wounded veteran describes his treatment by the army as worse than his injuries

Small business to face big hit: Lambie

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie warns small businesses will suffer if cuts to family tax benefits are approved, in order to pay for the federal government's childcare package.

Senator Lambie told the Senate in a late night adjournment debate speech the move would eat into families' spending on incidentals and small luxuries.

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