How many of PM’s Iftar dinner guests were on ASIO’s radical Islamic watch list?

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has challenged the Prime Minister to disclose how many of his Iftar dinner guests were on ASIO’s radical Islamic watch list.

“The Liberal / National Government has used the current war against Islamic state extremists and their supporters – as an excuse to pass extraordinary laws which undermine basic civil rights for ordinary law-abiding and peace-loving Australian Citizens.

Before the civil rights of peace-loving Australians are undermined – why hasn’t our government truly cracked down on the extremists who are actively helping the Islamic state terrorists? Anyone who helps – in any way whatsoever, our enemies could be arrested and charged with Treason or Sedition and face 7 years to life in jail.” said Senator Lambie.

“ASIO has told me, they are secretly watching 190 radicalized Australians - they know are helping our enemy. These people are Sharia Law and Isis supporters.

How many of the Prime Minister’s recent dinner guests were on our spy agency’s official, secret terror watch list? To keep Australia safe … you don’t need to impress people who want to impose the terrorists’ Sharia Law on Australia.

Just respect Australian law - which puts people in jail - if they help our enemy.” said Senator Lambie.