GST debate is an old distraction to limit political harm and discussion on more important issues

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal government not to waste time and properly deal with 3 important issues first - before indulging themselves in a GST policy debate which - (in the words of Kenny) will outlast religion.

“Nothing is going to happen to our GST in the 5 parliamentary weeks before Xmas, but our Veterans and Dairy Farmers will continue to kill themselves because of avoidable and solvable crises in our Dairy industry and Department of Veterans’ Affairs.” said Senator Lambie.

“So it’s about time the Australian Government and media got its priorities right and properly dealt with the 3 issues the majority of Australians want fixed - right now.  If I were a government spin-doctor, the GST debate would be a welcome relief – because it will distract from issues which are causing real harm to the Liberal/National coalition government.

  1. Census crisis - which for the first time in history has created an easily hackable honey pot of highly sensitive personal information on all members of our military, special forces, AFP, judiciary, senior public servants and other protected status individuals. The mismanagement of this Census crisis verges on abuse of office and official misconduct – and has dangerously weakened our National Security.
  1. An out of control Veteran and Military suicide crisis which is not helped by the Census crisis and is finally being addressed by mainstream media in a serious and sustained manner only in recent days.
  1. A Milk and Dairy crisis which the Government has allowed to develop on their watch and threatens our future milk security, not to mention jobs and prosperity of many rural and regional communities in Tasmania and mainland

“Whether it’s debates on GST or Nauru Senate inquiries – I simply remind Tasmanians that there is a cost if we do not properly deal with issues in the right order and priority.  As a crossbench senator I do not have the luxury of unlimited time or resources – so I must try and fix first things first.  I’m dealing right now with the Census, Veteran Suicide and Dairy crises because they need our urgent attention and are easily fixed by government Ministers before Xmas.” said Senator Lambie.