Government questioned about illicit drug testing for income support recipients

Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie has questioned the Liberal Government about their Illicit Drug Testing policy for income support recipients.

In a further speech to Parliament after the question Senator Lambie shared with the Senate results of a Parliamentary Library research brief which examined in a range of countries the drug testing history of welfare recipients – and expressed her support for this policy.

“There may be some Australians who were offended by the suggestion contained in my questions to the Attorney General to day to test Dole recipients for illicit drug – and all I would say to those people is this:

If you want to use illicit drugs, then go and get a job.

Receiving Government welfare is a privilege given to you by hard working Australians who care about the disadvantaged.

Dole payments are meant to be a social safety net to protect you from the hard falls in life – not a jumping castle for you and your mates to party on.

“Like the majority of my fellow cross benchers – I have a record of protecting disadvantaged Tasmanians and other Australians from the unfair Liberal welfare cuts and increases to medi-care payments that they tried to impose on the poor,'' Senator Lambie  said.

``Of course there are better ways of raising revenue and cutting back on government spending - which don’t impact on the poor. A financial transactions tax or FTT which targets the super rich and the big end of town is a much better idea that raising the rate of the GST which will hit poor people’s food and living costs.

``However just because I stick up for the under dog – that doesn’t mean I accept that welfare money can be spent lining the pockets of dug dealers.” said Senator Lambie.