Foreign countries that dump manufactured goods in Australia should be punished, not protected.


JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie and her Senate Teams have promised to continue to fight for Australian manufacturing jobs after a Senate Committee hearing in Wollongong was given details about an overseas scam in our mining and steel industries which threatens our manufacturing industries.

 Click below to view Senator Lambie’s interview with Arthur Rorris the Secretary of the NSW, South Coast - Labour Council.

“Arthur Rorris the Secretary of the NSW, South Coast - Labour Council spoke to me after he gave evidence to a Senate Committee in Wollongong about a scam that was being carried out in the steel industry,” said Senator Lambie.

“Mr. Rorris gave evidence to the Senate Committee which indicated that overseas countries come to Australia, take our Iron ore and coal – effectively sell the product to themselves overseas – at a loss - and then avoid paying a fair share of tax in Australia.

Those countries then use our iron ore and coal to make steel overseas – and then dump that steel at unfair, subsidized, below cost prices back in Australia. Those actions have caused closure of Australian Steel manufacturing and threatens the loss of more Australian jobs and manufacturing know-how.” said Senator Lambie.

Australian federal governments have made the situation worse because a previous Senate Committee hearing informed me that we don’t have in place a National policy to buy local steel – or any other manufactured products.  When it comes to our $50B infrastructure budget, why won’t this government buy local?” said Senator Lambie.