Financial Transactions Tax Question Without Notice to the Treasurer & Finance Minister

My question is to the minister representing the Treasurer, the finance minister. I note that the Abbott government struggles to find budget savings which do not target Australia's aged pensioners, and that increasing the retired age to 70 or altering pension indexation rates in favour of the government still has not been ruled out by the Treasurer. I also note that the Abbott government struggles to ensure the banks and large financial corporations are made to pay their fair share of taxes and properly contribute to the government revenue. Given that France, Italy and many other European countries have lessened the burden on their ordinary taxpayers and created new revenue schemes by introducing financial transaction taxes, which target banks and large financial corporations, apart from not wanting to upset people who donate generously to the Liberal Party, can the minister explain why his government will not introduce targeted financial transaction taxes in order to help repair the Australian budget?

FTT QWN - 23.3.15

FTT - QWN speech - 24-3-15