Federal Anti-Corruption body or ICAC supported by JLN

In a 30sec new YouTube video born and bred North Queenslander and JLN QLD Senate Candidate, Crystal Peckett has announced that the JLN will support the establishment of a federal Anti-Corruption body similar to ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption - NSW) or CCC (Crime and Corruption Commission - QLD)

Click below here to view Crystal’s Statement


“G’day Crystal Peckett here... I’m a born and breed North QLDer …and proud member of Jacqui Lambie’s Senate team.

Our political system and economy is rigged in favor of the rich who give money to politicians. Australians are sick and tired of the corruption and waste in our government.

The JLN supports the establishment of a federal Anti - Corruption commission… We’ll keep the bastards honest.” said Crystal Peckett