Fake Tradie Debate” challenged and replaced with more important matters (Vet Suicides & Pensioner Living Costs) by JLN QLD Senate

Independent JLN Senate Candidate for QLD, Marcus Saltmarsh has taken an opportunity during an interview on ABC TV’s “The Drum” to direct the national political debate back to more important matters than a TV commercial featuring a “Fake Tradie ”.

Mr Saltmarsh a former Australian Army officer who recently received an official apology from the Department of Defence because of the manner in which he was treated – and who suffered mental injuries after serving in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan - used his first time on a National Current Affairs show to highlight the plight of Veterans and Pensioners.

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“We’re talking about hashtag fake tradie - when people like me want to talk about the fact that there’s been 278 veteran suicides since 1999.

I thought I was going to be number 250, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was able to get an assistance dog and a lot of us can’t… that I could quite easily have been.

“ We’ve got pensioners out there that can’t afford to pay their electricity bills … the rising costs of simply living in this country!” said Mr. Saltmarsh.