Do you think Australian Islamic religious leaders should renounce Sharia Law, or the "terrorist law"?

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Australian Citizens’ Safety must come first before agreeing to an intake of 12,000 Syrian Refugees: Lambie


Independent Senator for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie called for better scrutiny and vetting of all refugees, including the proposed 12,000 from Syria following the latest Islamic extremist slaughter in Paris.

“Australian Citizens’ safety must always come first – and it’s clear by the success of Islamic State sponsored or inspired terror attacks, that the refugee vetting process has not only failed in France – but also in other western countries including Australia. No-one can rationally argue against that fact.” said Senator Lambie.

While I don’t agree with President Obama on many matters (I believe his weak leadership has helped Islamic State increase its power and influence) however, I do agree with his call that “We do not have religious tests for our compassion” when vetting prospective citizens.” said Senator Lambie.

“Australia should never discriminate on the basis of religion. But we do have the right and duty to discriminate on the basis of whether prospective citizens will accept and uphold our democratic culture, values, constitution and Australian laws.” said Senator Lambie.

“Therefore, a key test of whether people are worthy of our compassion and are suitable for Australian citizenship will be their opposition to Sharia or the terrorists’ law. Anyone who supports or advocates for the law of the terrorists must be, at the very least - suspected of being at risk of radicalisation and sympathetic to the Islamic State terrorists’ barbaric world view.” said Senator Lambie.

“Islamic State wants to impose Sharia Law on the world. One of the first tests to judge whether a refugee or a citizen is loyal to Australian democratic values and our Constitution is to ask whether they support Sharia Law (the law of the terrorists) or do they support Australian law?

You can’t support both Sharia Law and Australian Law. Your allegiance is either to the Terrorists and their law or Australia and our law. You either accept that women and gay people have the right to vote and love who they please – as we do under Australian law - or you support Sharia Law, which discriminates against and allows state sanctioned harm to women and gay people - if they are deemed by religious leaders to have broken the law of their god.

If we’re going to try to keep the Middle East madness out of Australia and protect our citizens - then we must ban those who support Sharia Law from entering the country and becoming Australian Citizens.” Said Senator Lambie.

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