Disallowance of Instrument

I rise to support the disallowance motion, because I support Australians working in Australian jobs. I rise to support the disallowance motion because, unlike the Liberals and Nationals in this place, I want to protect every Australian worker's job. By supporting this disallowance motion, senators have a choice to send a clear message to the Liberals and Nationals in this place, that we will not put up with their sneaky and sly attack on the wages and conditions of Australians.

The intent of the change to the regulations, introduced by Assistant Minister Cash, is to reduce the current income threshold under the Migration Act, from $250,000 to $180,000. This will make it easier for employers to hire overseas workers rather than Australian professionals. The regulation effectively provides a ceiling above which compliance with many of the significant requirements of the migration regulations is waived. The threshold, when initially introduced in 2008, was set at $180,000. Then, in 2013, it was raised to $250,000. Above this level of income, sponsors of visa applicants are not required to comply with the conditions which otherwise apply to visa applicants.

Read more at the link: Disallowance of Instrument Speech 16-06-2015