Desperate Liberals deliberately lie about Lambie Voting Preferences

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie, has written to the leader of the Liberal party demanding that he remove Liberal commercials which deliberately lie about the JLN’s voting preferences

“Malcolm Turnbull must apologise to the people of Tasmania for his Liberal Party’s deliberate lie to them about my network’s voting preferences. It’s clear from the fact that I’ve chosen an open ticket - and my how-to-vote cards state; Vote 1 JLN and fill in boxes 2 to 6 as you prefer  - that I have not preferenced any other political party.

So why would the Liberals say I’ve preferenced the Greens – who have caused a loss of at least $5B in Tasmania business investment, have been responsible for a death of at least 5000 jobs - and who I have joked about in the past, are similar to the Taliban because they want us to live in the dark ages!!??” said Senator Lambie.

“Is it a sign of political desperation Mr Turnbull and his liberals have resorted to such blatant lies, which will surly damage his personal reputation as an honest man, and place a big question mark over all his election promises. It’s also a sign that Malcolm Turnbull is no different to the other liberal leader he was forced to replace because of lies, incompetence, chaos dysfunction and a long list of broken promises to the Australian public.

Mr Turnbull knows as well as I do - as the Prime Minister who introduced the new Senate voting laws - that an open Senate ticket (which the JLN has) means that it is now legally impossible for me to direct any ones’ voting preferences to any other political party.

It’s sad that a man who is a lawyer and wants to be Prime Minister knows full well, that the voter for the first time in the history of Australian Senate elections has the sole ability and power to direct their political preferences – as they see fit – and yet is happy to be part of this desperate lie.  This lie will backfire – and cause damage for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals at the ballot box,” said Senator Lambie.