Defence Legislation (Enhancement of Military Justice) Bill 2015

I rise to speak on the Defence Legislation (Enhancement of Military Justice) Bill 2015. As you may be aware, I served in the Australian Army as a military police officer and worked within the Australian military justice system. I am aware of its good parts and its failings. I am happy to support this legislation because I believe overall it will improve the system of military justice. However, I maintain that in order to truly reform Australia's military justice system, which has failed tens of thousands of victims of abuse since at least the 1960s, a royal commission into defence abuse must be established. The perpetrators of abuse must be held to account, and the victims must have a chance to tell their stories and receive justice. Importantly, those who covered up and turned a blind eye to crimes must all be held to account for their dereliction of duty. The lessons that we will learn during this painful but necessary royal commission process will ensure that, eventually, the best soldiers in the world will have the best military justice system in the world. There are some specific concerns I have received from the Defence community in relation to this legislation, which I will speak to shortly.

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