Death Penalty, Treason & Sedition.


Senator LAMBIE (Tasmania) (15:30): I move:

That the Senate take note of the answer given by the Attorney-General to a question without notice asked by me in relation

to treason and sedition charges.

The Attorney-General, in answering my question without notice today regarding the laying of treason and sedition

charges against Australian citizens who have clearly assisted or fought for Islamic State, shows that this Liberal-

National government has gone soft on Australian citizens who choose to assist or fight for our enemy, an

organisation that calls itself Islamic State, or ISIS. If the Liberal and National parties were fair dinkum about

addressing the growing threat of Islamic Australian citizens who clearly are assisting the Islamic State

organisation, then the Attorney-General and Australian law enforcement agencies would have laid the serious

charges of sedition or treason against any Australian citizen who assists, as the legislation reads, 'by any means

whatever'—and I will repeat that: 'by any means whatever'—an organisation that is engaged in armed hostilities

against the Australian Defence Force.

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