Cuts to the CSIRO

I rise to speak on notice of motion No. 1153 regarding cuts to the CSIRO.  I note that in December last year our Prime Minister, in a statement on his National Innovation and Science Agenda, said:

Our businesses, universities and research organisations like the CSIRO are also among the best in the world.

He also announced $1.1 billion to incentivise innovation and entrepreneurship, reward risk-taking and promote science, maths and computing in schools by focusing on our four priority areas, yet in the same breath the PM allows the CSIRO to shed 275 jobs Australia wide, undermining decades of incredible innovation.  This move will have a particularly devastating effect on my home state of Tasmania, with 35 scientists expected to lose their jobs.  At a time when jobs and good economic management is crucial in Tasmania, it seems incomprehensible the government would cut highly skilled jobs.  With dwindling job opportunities, Tasmanian scientists will have no choice but to move interstate, damaging Tasmania's strong scientific reputation.