Cradle Mountain Tourism Cash must come before 2nd Bass Link Cable Cash

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on Labor Leader Bill Shorten to commit another $15M to the Cradle Mountain Tourism development (making for a total Labor commitment of $30M) before promising federal funding to a second Bass Link Cable.

Senator Lambie has also continued to put pressure on Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal Liberals to promise $30M for the Cradle Mountain Tourism development.

“Yesterday Devonport Mayor and JLN Senate Candidate, Steve Martin and I meet with Ian Waller - the regional Tourism Manger of Cradle Coast Authority at Cradle Mountain.

Click below to view Jacqui Lambie at Cradle Mountain with Ian Waller

“Ian agreed with me when I said in relation to the Cradle Mountain Tourism development that the Liberal party should not take Tasmanian votes for granted,” said Senator Lambie.

“In regard to the Cradle Mountain Tourism development Mayor Steve Martin told me that: `There has been outstanding support from nine municipal councils on the North-West Coast’.

“While Bill Shorten and Labor should be patted on the back for committing $15M to Cradle Mountain Tourism development so far – I’m disappointed that he’s made multi-million dollar commitments to a 2nd Bass link Cable, before promising the extra $15M that’s needed from the federal government to kick-start a world class wilderness tourism development, which will:

  • Inject $30 million into the state economy each year;
  • Ignite a $160 million public-private tourism development for Cradle Mountain featuring Cradle Chairlift and an alpine wilderness village;
  • Attract an extra 60,000 visitors a year; and
  • Deliver hundreds of new Tasmanian jobs.
“If Bill Shorten listened carefully to the business community of Tasmania, he would find out that many business owners would advise him that they could find better ways of investing a billion dollars into Tasmania to deliver infrastructure and government projects that would more quickly create jobs and economic growth – rather than sinking it into a 2nd Bass link Cable,” said Senator Lambie.