Clean up the Sharia rubbish...

Letter to the Editor


Clean up the Sharia rubbish from of our own back yard, before we clean it up in others’.

When I hear that Mr Abbott has sent us to war again in the Middle East against extremists and terrorists – I can’t help but think of the wise advise my grandmother gave. “Clean up the rubbish in your own back yard, before you try to up the rubbish in others.”

Every one knows that the extremists and terrorists end game is to impose a brutal Sharia culture on the rest of the world, including Australia. They want a world that is ruled by men who have the power to force the provisions of Sharia law onto us.

That will mean church and state are no longer separated. Under Sharia law, religious freedom would be destroyed. It will also mean that the death penalty will be imposed on people who criticize or reject the state’s official religion - and women who are found guilty of adultery.

Torture and body mutilation (limb removal) will be state sanctioned for those found guilty of stealing. Girls will be denied the same education as males. Women will be beaten if they don’t dress according to the instructions of foreign religious leaders. Sport and music will become illegal.

Now, I agree that fighting to stop this brutal Sharia culture is worthwhile. But we don’t have to travel to the Middle East to find supporters of Sharia Law and the extremists. They live amongst us.

Australian Sharia supporters protest in our streets, take our public monies and vote for politicians who make our laws – as they offer allegiance, support and comfort to our enemies. The same enemies Mr Abbott has decided to wage war against the Middle East.

It’s now time to follow my grandmother’s advice. “Clean up the rubbish in our own back yard - before we try to clean up the rubbish in others.”

Senator Jacqui Lambie