China Free Trade Deal: How can you trust Abbott to protect Australian Jobs?

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has released a short YouTube Clip where she interviews the Australian Business man who was told by an Abbott Government official - to sack his Ozzie workers and hire cheap overseas labor.

“ I was shocked when I heard that respected maritime business man Mr Bill Milby - from North Star Cruises had been told by an Abbott government official that, if he wanted to make more money and compete with the foreign competition (after its let in by proposed Liberal changes to the Coastal Shipping Act) Bill should sack his Australian crew onboard his Australian built cruise liner and replace them with cheap foreign workers.” said Senator Lambie.

“ So I invited Bill into my Senate office for a chat. Bill repeated what he was told by the National’s and Deputy Prime Minister’s staff. I believe Mr Milby told the truth. But I can’t understand why this Liberal/National government is so keen to kill off Australian workers jobs and replace them with overseas workers? Is it just an insane hatred of unions and their workers?“ said Senator Lambie.

“I don’t want to believe that, but we saw the government stand by silently as the 36 Australian workers on the oil tanker, the Alexander Spirit used by Caltex - were sacked and replaced by overseas workers.

And now Mr Milby has told the truth about this latest outrageous suggestion to sack Australian workers.” said Senator Lambie.

“Our Prime Minister has broken many promises - and now the truth is emerging about the Liberals’ and Nationals’ plan to sack the majority of Australian maritime workers and have them replaced with cheap foreigners.” said Senator Lambie.

“So how can you trust the Liberals and Nationals when they say that their China Free Trade deal won’t sacrifice Australian workers jobs for unqualified, cheap Chinese labor? Their bias against the average Australian worker is obvious and clear to all. ” said Senator Lambie.

“The situation becomes even more concerning when you take into account the fact that just a few people who are connected with the Chinese government have donated an incredible $5m plus to all our major political parties in the last couple of elections.

Neither the Liberals, Nationals or Labor parties want to talk about the political influence the overseas money buys - but it’s not often that people donate millions of dollars to political parties, without expecting a return for their investment.

Perhaps with the China Free Trade deal and other Liberal / National Party policy, we’re seeing a return on investment? Given the amount of political donations they’ve received - which can be linked to the Chinese Government, it will be also interesting to see if Labor’s opposition to and scrutiny of Mr. Abbott’s CHAFTA deal remains strong. ” said Senator Lambie.

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