Changes to Senate Voting Rules and threat of Double D Election a distraction: Lambie

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has labeled the proposed changes to Senate voting rules and the Liberal Party’s threat of a double dissolution election as a distraction.

“The Greens have done a deal with the Liberal party to change the way Australians vote for the Senate.  Its more than likely the Liberals and the Greens will be preferencing each other in Tasmania.  The Greens Leader wants to become a minister in the Turnbull government.

So what we really have is a deal being done between the party that wants to decriminalize Ice and the party that wants to increase the GST – because each thinks it will politically benefit from those changes,” said Senator Lambie

“This change is a distraction, which is not being driven by the people.  In the time I’ve been a Tasmanian Senator I haven’t had one person come into my office and ask for a change to the Senate voting system.  They wanted positive changes and improvements to our Health, Education, Social Services, Veterans Affairs and Military Pay.

It is self-interest, which is motivating the Liberals and Greens.  We should be discussing the Governments plan to cut $650M worth of cuts to Medicare Bulk Billing.  That’s the issue which everyone who contacts my office is concerned with today,” said Senator Lambie.

Victorian Liberal President and Former Labor leader predict JLN 2 to 3 Senate seat gain in DD election

“I’m also surprised that some Tasmanian media is trying to talk down my chances of being re-elected as a Senator.

It was only last year that Liberal party powerbroker – Michael Kroger and former Labor Premier Peter Beattie had a conversation on Sky TV where they agreed that if a double D election was called, my JLN candidates could win in Tasmania alone - 2 to 3 Senate positions.

Click below to watch Victorian Liberal President predict a 2 or 3 seat senate win for JLN

Very soon I’ll announce my number 1 Senate Candidate for Tasmania.  The people of Tasmania will have a big opportunity to strengthen their independent voice in the Senate and get more for their state,” said Senator Lambie.