Change of PM welcomed: Lambie

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed Australia’s change in Prime Ministers.

“I hope that the swap to Mr Turnbull ends the unnecessary economic harm and political chaos that the Liberal and National parties have forced on the Australian people and parliament over the past 2 years.

When the history books are written – the facts will show that it was the independent cross bench senators who protected the pensioners, uni-students, farmers, diggers, unemployed, single parents and veterans from the Liberal / National horror budget of 2014 - and guaranteed community consultation .” said Senator Lambie.

“Personally I like Malcolm Turnbull, and have had a number of successful meetings with him. (see attached) It’s a good thing that I’ve established a healthy working relationship with the Prime Minister – because all the Tasmanian Liberals have stabbed him in the back and spoken out against him.” said Senator Lambie.

“I’m looking forward to meeting up with Mr Turnbull and talking about some policy and legislation I’d like his government to adopt including:

1)    Passing my Private Member’s Bill (sitting in the lower house after passing the Senate) which links our diggers’ pay rises to the pay rises of members of Parliament or the CPI - which ever is higher.


2)    Supporting an Involuntary Ice detox and Rehab Act that gives parents the right to use non-consensual medical treatment on their drug addicted children.


3)    Renegotiate a Free Trade Deal with China that protects Australian workers and takes away China’s right to sue our government  - should our Parliament passes laws which China thinks damages its commercial interests.


4)    Supporting voluntary National Service for our young people, which would allow them to join the Military for a year and learn some skills or participate in trade training and apprenticeships.


5)    Introducing areas in Australia where high unemployment is endemic (including the whole of Tasmania) which are Special Economic Zones and are Pay Roll Tax Free.


6)    Creating a national policy, which guarantees the protection of Australia’s Prime Agricultural or best farming lands. (Note. Australia only has 3.4% of Prime Ag Land)


7)    Guaranteeing the supply of Health Gold Cards to members of our ADF and Police who have served overseas in war zones or under war like conditions.


8)    Supporting the introduction of national legislation, which targets members of Organized Crime Groups and their associates. (Similar to America’s RICO Laws - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)


9)    Guaranteeing that Australia’s fuel, gas and power is cheaper than our major trading partners – so that our manufactures, small business and farmers can profitably compete on unfair world markets, while maintaining wages and standards of living for Australian workers.