Burnie International worth a fight for funds

“Finally, after reading his public comments, I’m struggling to understand exactly what kind of support Mr Whiteley has given to the Burnie International Challenger. Has he written a letter or made a phone call – or has he been caught out making excuses for his laziness again?

In one breath Mr Whiteley admits the Burnie International Tennis Challenger is important to our local economy. Yet in the next breath he says the iconic sports event is not the responsibility of the federal government, despite the fact it generates $850,000 each year for the local economy!

I don’t think Mr Whiteley has taken the time to even write a letter - or make a phone call to Senator Eric Abetz and ask for a share of the promised $16M of federal funds. The $16M has clearly been earmarked for Tasmania. It’s very disappointing that a public campaign was needed to shame the federal government into releasing Tasmanian funds.

My advice to the federal government after they come to their senses, is to divide the money equally between the five Tasmanian Federal electorates.

Each Tasmanian Federal Member of Parliament should consult with their electorate and come up with a plan to spend that money fairly. The Burnie International Challenger, is an important part of Tasmanian sporting culture. Both the state government, Burnie City Council and Tennis Club have contributed $670,000 towards the court’s upgrades.

So No Mr Whiteley  - it’s not beyond comprehension that the federal government contributes. The Burnie International Challenger is worthy of a letter and a serious fight for funds from its federal government representatives.” said Senator Lambie.

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