Bill Shorten promises Lambie $200K for Fast Cat Study

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has thanked Labor opposition leader after he confirmed that if Labor won the next election they would fund a $200k Fast Cat financial Feasibility Study.

“ Unlike Prime Minister Abbott, Bill Shorten makes sure that he meets regularly with me – so yesterday I took the opportunity to ask if he’d support a feasibility study, which examines the establishment of a new Bass Strait, Fast Cat service between Geelong and Burnie.

He immediately understood the importance of trying to establish a new fast sea link which would be guaranteed to super-charge our tourism industry and local economy.

If the numbers stack up, just the build of the New Fast Cat would create 500 jobs over 2 years – and it will be very interesting to calculate the number of jobs and amount of wealth created by the thousands of extra visitors and tourists to Tasmania.” said Senator Lambie.

“ Its now up to Mr Abbott and Abetz to match Labor’s offer. The Liberal’s have $16M they have yet to spend on Tasmania and $200K would be a wise investment - which could deliver Billions of dollars of extra wealth and thousands of new Tasmania direct and indirect jobs.” said Senator Lambie.

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