Australians can’t buy Chinese Farms, so how can they buy ours?

Independent JLN Senate Candidate for Victoria and former intelligence officer with the Australian Defence Force Hugh Dolan has challenged all of Australia’s major political parties to give a guarantee that they will not take any more political funding from people closely linked to the Chinese government.

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“ Why has the Liberal Government allowed people and companies associated with the Chinese Government to buy our homes, land, farms and ports?  The Chinese Government won’t let us buy their homes, land, farms and ports – so why have the Liberal politicians allowed this to happen?

Over the last 2 elections, people and companies linked to the Chinese government have donated $5M to Australian Political Parties.  We don’t take that sort of funding,” said Mr. Dolan.

“ I back Hugh 100%.  We should be asking more questions about the source of all, political funding.  Political funding if not managed properly has the potential to increase the risk of corruption and crime.

Both the Labor and Coalition side of politics have continued to effectively take secret political donations, which won’t be revealed before this election.  Once again I challenge them to copy the JLN system of disclosing political funding in as close to real-time - as possible,” said Senator Lambie.