Australian workers replaced with foreign labour using Liberal’s 457visa scam

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal / National government to stop their 457 visa scam – which now means Australian workers’ jobs are being taken by foreign Labour.

“ After talking to two Maritime Engineers (see above YouTube Link) who are about to lose their jobs to foreign workers – it’s time that all Australians stood up and said No to the conservative government’s 457 visa scam,” said Senator Lambie.

“457 visas are only supposed to be used when there are no skilled Australian workers to do the job.  It’s clear after talking with Maritime Engineers Ralph Nicholson and Garry Trotter, there are plenty of skilled Australian professionals who can service and run refueling vessels in the Melbourne Port.

And the fact that this Liberal / National government is happy to hand out 457 visas to overseas Maritime Engineers while there is an oversupply of Australian Maritime Engineers is a national shame – and further evidence of corrupt political behavior,” said Senator Lambie

How can this Turnbull / Joyce government stand silent while an Australian registered, domestic refueling vessel with its Australian crew be replaced with an overseas registered vessel and foreign crew?” said Senator Lambie.

“It’s time that all Australians took notice and protested.  Today it may be the maritime workers, but tomorrow if the Liberals and National parties are allowed to continue their 457 visa scam, no Australian job will be safe from overseas workers.” said Senator Lambie.