Archibald painting of Lambie generates interest

Independent Senator for Tasmania is surprised, but happy the painting by Sydney artist Tania McMurty is still generating media interest in some print, online and broadcast sources.


“Yesterday I used, for the first time, a new logo on a media statement. I didn’t expect it to create the controversy it did. The logo, with permission from Sydney-based artist Tania McMurty was inspired-by and based on her painting, which was recently entered into Australia’s famous art competition, the Archibald.” said Senator Lambie

“After the publicity of the Archibald entry went nationwide  - I was contacted by a supporter who had used Tania’s painting to create the JLN “Trust” logo. He wrote to me on Sunday 12th of July:

I saw that Archibald painting and immediately thought of one word.... 'Trust'. Keep up the good fight Jacqui 

And that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’ll try my hardest to continue the good fight for our defence veterans, diggers, farmers, pensioners, unemployed and Tasmanian battlers, uni students, blue collar workers and businesses  – because if I don’t fight for them. Who will?

Certainly not the current crop of Australian politicians, whose laziness, arrogance and dysfunction have created the many life and death issues dealt with by my office daily.

And certainly not the giddy critics and cheer leaders for the major parties  - whose comments about my new logo are always welcome (because they continue to spell my name correctly) - but sadly show why it is so hard for ordinary Australians, with serious life and death issues to win some media attention.” said Senator Lambie.

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