Alexander Spirit Crew talk to Senator Jacqui Lambie about their fears for the Australian Maritime Industry

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has released a 5 minute YouTube clip which shows her visit and chat with some of the Australian crew of the Alexander Spirit who are about to be sacked and replaced by cheap foreign maritime workers.

“Will our fuel be cheaper at the bowser? Where do foreign maritime workers put their rubbish? Will poor English language skills cause accidents? These are just some of the issues and questions that were raised with me by the crew of the Alexander Spirit. These questions must be answered by Caltex and the Government before any Australian worker is sacked and a foreigner hired.” said Senator Lambie.

“I feel very privileged that the Alexander Spirit crew chose to share their thoughts and fears with me. I call on Caltex Australia and the Prime Minister to intervene now and stop the sacking of these workers.

It’s a National disgrace that 36 Australian maritime crew members transporting Caltex oil have been told they'll no longer be needed after their trip to Singapore - their jobs are gone and will be replaced with foreign workers.

The recent introduction of Liberal government legislation, which helps shipping companies replace Australian maritime workers with foreign seafarers has obviously played a role in the sacking of these workers.

The Liberal and National parties have still failed to give a proper guarantee that the $33,994 donated by Caltex Australia to the conservative political parties during the 2013-14 federal election campaign, didn’t influence the introduction of government legislation.

Caltex Australia must remember that they have been placed in a very privileged position – by being allowed to trade fuel – an essential commodity in Australia. Caltex are in a position where they can trade in a vital product and are guaranteed to make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit every year.

However, there comes a time when the pursuit of profit by any means in the corporate world must come second to the sensible preservation of crucial Australian jobs, skills and the National interest.

If Caltex Australia don’t have the will to protect crucial Australian jobs, skills and our National interest – then it’s up to our government to have the moral courage and legislate to protect these very important workers’ livelihoods and our National interest.” said Senator Lambie.


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