Absent Environment Minister has questions to answer over proposed changes to EPBC

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has released a YouTube Clip where she explains her reaction to the news that the Government is seeking her support for rushed legislative changes to the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act (EPBC) which will benefit Adani's $16 billion QLD Carmichael coal mine.

“The Greens have strangled Tasmania’s economy for 10 years. Their opposition to development in Tasmania has caused at least a loss of $5.48B worth of business development and 5,442 jobs.

I’m happy to have discussions – in good faith with the Government about proposed changes to the EPBC… However I’m not going to rush into any decision.

I’ve met with the Attorney General, but this is an environmental matter. I’d like my questions answered by the Environment Minister. Have these changes gone far enough to stop the extreme Greens?

Does this legislation protect Australia’s Prime Agricultural land and farming families from Coal Mines like the Shenhua on the Liverpool plains.. and Tasmanian Farmers from Coal Seam Gas Fracking?

Does Adani Coal receive a windfall benefit from this rushed government legislation?” said Senator Lambie.

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