ABC Fact Check got it wrong – official Government report shows 1.9m overseas workers have taken Aussie jobs

A report by ABC Fact Check stating Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie was wrong when she claimed there were more than 1 million 457 Visa workers in Australia on Monday night’s Q and A – was in fact, wrong.

“When I used the term `457’s” on ABC TV’s Q&A, I was using common Aussie slang for visa’s which allow overseas visitors, to work temporarily in Australia.  But in slapping me over the wrist - it seems that ABC Fact Check chose not to accept, that most Australians call overseas workers who take our jobs “457’s”.

I guess being literal and not taking into account Aussie Slang - is part of the job description for becoming a staff member of ABC Fact Check (I hope any new government keeps funding them because the ABC Fact Checkers keep all politicians on their toes.)

However what they can’t deny is that in my case I’ve presented to them - Independent research conducted by the Australian Parliamentary Library (Temporary Entrants and NZ citizens in Australia 31st Dec 2015 by Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection) which shows the number of overseas visitors who are allowed to temporarily work in Australia today is in fact 1,986,420.

This includes 634,560 Kiwis.  It also includes: Visitor Visa Holders, Student Visa Holders, Temporary Skilled, Working Holiday Maker, Bridging, Other Temporary Visa Holders and Temporary Graduates - all of whom are allowed officially to work, at least 20 hrs per week.

There is no getting away from the fact that 1, 986, 420 non-Australian workers – have jobs in Australia today.  I call them 457’s.   You and ABC Fact Check may have another name for them.  Are they stopping our children from winning apprenticeships and jobs?

I’ll let you be the judge. But I think that every hour of work given to a 457 visa holder – or a ‘temporary visa holder’ – is an hour taken away from too many unemployed Australians who have become an official statistics at Centerlink.

I admire and respect the ABC’s Fact Check work, but in this case they got it wrong.” Senator Lambie said.